Our Mission

White Center Wellness Clinic’s mission is to provide top quality, safe, affordable and easily accessible healthcare to our local community.  We are an open, accepting, welcoming clinic.  We believe in the idea that everyone has an important contribution to make to the world and that it is made more manifest when not having to worry about your own state of well-being.  You can feel better.

Our practitioners have clinical interests in primary care, infertility, women’s health, pediatrics, and specialize in meeting the needs of patients diagnosed with auto-immune conditions, cancer, and both acute and chronic pain.

We provide a carefully thought out treatment plan for each of our patients. Each plan is based on a system of medicine built on the foundation of thousands of years of clinical success.  We take into account the whole person and determine how to treat based on listening to what our patients and their body’s are saying that day.

This is individualized care.  This is White Center Wellness Clinic and we are always honored to walk with you on your path to better health.